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Welcome to 'Ohana, where your satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in showing our appreciation to our valued customers by giving back in the form of 'Ohana points. With every visit to our salon, you have the opportunity to earn these points and enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts on both retail items and services.

Let's break down how our 'Ohana points system works:

Earn 'Ohana Points:

  1. Salon Services: For every dollar you spend on our salon services, you will earn 1 'Ohana point. Whether it's a haircut, styling, coloring, or any other salon treatment, each purchase brings you closer to unlocking exciting rewards.

  2. Retail Purchases: When you indulge in retail therapy and purchase hair care products, accessories, or any other retail items from our salon, you earn 2 'Ohana points for every dollar spent. We believe in supporting your hair care needs both in and outside the salon.

The more you engage with us, the more 'Ohana points you accumulate, and the greater the benefits you can unlock.

Redeem Your 'Ohana Points:

Once you've earned a significant number of 'Ohana points, you can redeem them to enjoy amazing discounts on your future visits to our salon. Whether you're looking to pamper yourself with a rejuvenating hair treatment or restocking your favorite hair care products, your 'Ohana points will provide valuable savings.

Not only do we offer exceptional salon services and high-quality retail products, but we also reward your loyalty with a rewards program designed to enhance your overall experience with us. We believe that building a lasting relationship with our customers goes beyond providing excellent service – it involves showing our gratitude for your continued support.

Join us at 'Ohana, and let us demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction by offering you a rewarding loyalty program. As you accumulate 'Ohana points, your shopping and salon experiences will be elevated, providing you with even more reasons to choose us as your trusted hair care destination.

Start earning 'Ohana points today and unlock a world of benefits tailored just for you!

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