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Owner, Master Stylist, Educator

I've been loving what I do and doing what I love since 1998. When I began my career as a hairstylist and makeup artist I had no idea I would become so passionate about beauty and people. I have evolved in so many ways from just being a young stylist not knowing much to being the top stylist and haircolor educator in the salon in just a few years. I opened `Ohana Salon in 2008 and I also work for Aveda teaching haircolor to other stylists in the industry. I still love doing hair for my guests but my new mission is to create an amazing team of stylists doing great work and creating a reputation in the world for being the best at what we do. I want every guest to look and feel amazing when they leave `Ohana Salon no matter what stylist they see. 

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Protege Stylist

Hi, I'm Natalee and I am a protege stylist and makeup artist at Ohana! Growing up I knew I always wanted to be in the beauty industry. I grew up in my aunt's salon and even experimented with cutting my brothers hair when I was 7. In high school I did everyone's hair and makeup for school events. I graduated from West-MEC in 2019 and joined Ohana shortly after. I enjoy doing blondes, curly hair, and extensions. I hope one day I can be a celebrity stylist. I love what I do and want to make people feel beautiful in their unique way. I am ready to make you feel your best. Visit me at Ohana Surprise!

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Protege Stylist

My journey in the hair industry started in 2019 when my mom gave me the push I needed and helped enroll at West-MEC. I ended up falling in love with doing hair. I started at ohana in August 2021 and have learned so much more about hair and makeup. My goal is to give you the best experience with ohana and make you a part of our ohana. Book with me so we can grow together.

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Salon Coordinator

Hi, I'm Hillary and I am a Salon Coordinator at Ohana Surprise. I am originally form California and moved to Arizona in 2020. I started in the hair care industry working for Salon Services in 2017. While working at Salon Services I gained product knowledge and fell in love with being in the beauty industry. I joined Ohana in 2020 as a reciptionist and have grown in my career ever since. My team at Ohana is incredible and I can't wait to see us grow!

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Designer Stylist & Educator

Hi, I am Marisa and I am a stylist and educator with Ohana Salon. I'm originally from the East Coast and moved to Arizona a little over a year ago. I'm a color specialist, blonde enthusiast, and balayage queen. I love all things hair and can't wait to see you in my chair.

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Designer Stylist

Coming Soon.

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Guest Care Coordinator

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I received my license in 2010 from Avalon School of Cosmetology. I found out I was pregnant orientation day & decided I needed to bust my butt in school knowing I had a short time to finish before he was born since taking care of a newborn & finishing school with no help at the time just wasn't gonna be possible for me. So I took morning & night classes was there from 8am-10pm, 6 days a week until I gave birth. I finished school 8 weeks after I gave labor. I tried to get positions in salons but unfortunately it was not feasible to raise a newborn on my own with an assistant position & with him having health issues he needed me more by his side & to have a higher paying job. Now that he is older & more stable in his health & my daughter is now 4 I wanted to take the opportunity to start focusing a little more on me & my career. I have loved doing hair for a long time & hated always going to the salons, spending so much money to hate my hair everytime I walked out of the salon. This fueled my passion into wanting to allow people to feel happy when they walked out of the salon not " two weeks " later. I want to be a great colorist & cutter. I love all things cosmetology so I am going to pursue also taking eye lash extension courses very soon & would like to also enroll in , braiding, weaving & hair extensions sometime in the near future. Once I've mastered ( or come close to) all things hair I would like to learn nails. The whole industry allows someone to grow in their crafts & find their own knacks. I love my two children & with both of their parents being in the hair industry they have started to want to learn how to do hair as well. I see my 4 year old daughter being a great cosmetologist, since she has a strong passion for doing everyone's hair already. You can't walk thru our door without her asking you if she can brush ur hair or do ur make up lol.